Powerware® 9390 (20 - 160 kVA)

ePower has Eaton 9390s in stock from 40 to 160 kVA 208 or 480 V input.

The Powerware 9390® uninterruptible power system (UPS) is a double-conversion UPS that resolves all utility power problems and supplies clean, continuous, uninterruptible power to connected equipment. The 9390's transformerless design incorporates IGBTs in order to provide the highest level of power performance while consuming less footprint than competitive UPS systems. Whether you're selecting a UPS for a branch office, manufacturing floor, medical facility, or data center, there's a 9390 model that delivers just the right combination and price for your needs.

Benefits of the Powerware® 9390:

    Leading sustainability
  • IGBT design allows for high efficiency ratings and lower utility costs
  • Lowest total cost of ownership and lifecycle carbon footprint
  • Smallest footprint and weight
  • Lowest transportation and installation costs

  • Superior Power Performance
  • Lowest input THD (< 4.5%) enhances compatibility with upstream power systems
  • Lowest output THD
  • Transformerless design allows for optimum generator-to-UPS sizing ratio
  • PWM inverter design supports load power factors up to .9 leading without derating
  • Compatible with PFC power supplies
  • Wide input voltage window

  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Powerware Hot Sync® wireless paralleling uses digital signal processing and an advanced control algorithm to provide automatic load sharing and selective tripping in a parallel system to create optimum reliability and flexibility.
  • Superior Battery management
  • Inherent Redundancy
  • Scalable architecture adapts to increasing power requirements

  • Robust manageability
  • Superior control and connectivity
Three Phase UPS - Eaton 9390