Powerware® 9155 (8 - 15 kVA)

The superior construction of the Powerware® 9155 uninterruptible power supply makes it ideal for protecting essential IT and electrical engineering infrastructures in corporate, telecom, healthcare, banking and industrial applications.

  • True double-conversion online topology provides the highest protection level against power problems-the preferred topology in 24/7 applications
  • Provides more real wattage in less space with a .9 power factor — protecting more equipment and leaving more room for expansion
  • High efficiency of 90 percent reduces utility costs, and produces cooler operating conditions
  • Supports Powerware® Hot Sync paralleling of multiple modules for redundancy or extra capacity
  • Scalable architecture meets current and future requirements
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM®) technology doubles battery service life
  • Low input current distortion (<5% without compromising performance), allows maximum transfer of power between power source and protected load, and is exceptionally compatible with generators)
  • High output power factor (0.9PF) enables the UPS to provide its full power capability to loads with a wide range of leading and lagging power factors
  • High input power factor (0.99) creates a generator-friendly environment, minimizing harmonics that would disturb other loads (<5% THD) and avoiding disturbances that energy converters tend to cause
Online Single Phase UPS - Powerware by Eaton
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • 10 year pro-rated warranty
  • $25,000 load protection guarantee

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