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ePower Network is a full-service solutions provider of power quality and back up systems serving Data Center and critical environments. Our service delivery includes preventive maintenance, equipment repairs, equipment commissioning and Thermography of electrical distribution, UPS and battery systems. ePower Network is committed to innovation, technology trends and supporting best practices of power quality, with a vision to provide the best customer experience to its clients. ePower Network is headquartered in Placentia, California, with additional offices in San Diego and Los Angeles.

ACS ePower Network delivers comprehensive maintenance for the UPS, batteries and mechanical systems. Services include Thermography, new UPS sales and repairs for multiple locations.
Boeing Since 2010, ePower Network has been delivering routine preventive maintenance and emergency support on UPS systems ranging from 20kVA to 40kVA. Services also include battery and capacitor replacements, UPS rentals and Installations.
Brown Metal Company Brown Metals Company specializes in supplying custom-slit thin gauge stainless steel alloys in coil and sheet form. Read Testimonial
Cash Call - ePower Network provides asset management of the critical systems including power (UPS/Generator), cooling and fire suppression. Services include preventive maintenance, 4 hour response, Thermography and repairs. Other electrical services include whips, new circuits, temporary power and equipment installations. Read Testimonial
Ceridian Ceridian delivers innovative technology and trusted results in human resources, payroll, employee benefits and wellness. Read Testimonial
Comerica ePower Network provides full service maintenance and 24/7 coverage. Services include maintenance on UPSs, PDUs, ATSs and emergency generators. Other services delivered are load bank testing, power quality metering and installations. Read Testimonial
Coresite ePower Network provides service and emergency support for DC Plants and batteries at multiple locations. Services include equipment demo, installations, commissioning.
FIDM ePower Network provides full service maintenance and equipment installations for the Data Centers and IDFs at multiple locations. Services include battery replacements, capacitor replacements and monitoring.
Fox Pomona Fox Theater Pomona, an Art Deco landmark and state-of-the-art entertainment venue. Read Testimonial
Hoag ePower Network provides quarterly maintenance inspections, 4-hour emergency response and parts coverage for UPS systems ranging from 80kVA to 500kVA at multiple locations. Services also include installation of electrical panels and whips in the Data Center.
JD Powers & Associates ePower Network furnished and commissioned a Toshiba G9000 UPS solution, including start-up, load bank, battery discharge test, monitoring and training. Other services include preventive maintenance and emergency support.
KGTV 10 News ePower Network delivered an end-to-end critical power solution, including a Toshiba G9000 UPS, VRLA battery system and battery monitoring. Equipment commissioning was performed by ePower Network, including start-up, load bank, battery discharge test, monitoring and training.
Tri-West Satisfying the needs of our customers and continuing to be a world-class wholesaler of flooring products. Read Testimonial
UCLA ePower Network provides preventive maintenance and 24/7 coverage for UPS systems ranging from 6kVA to 500kVA at 25+ locations. Services also include repairs, installation and electrical Thermography inspections. ePower Network's web portal is also used to better manage all the sites and equipment.