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ePower Network provides rack mount or stand alone Power Distribution Units (PDU) ranging from 15 amps to 200 amps. Our family of PDUs offer key functions that a data center manager needs to manage each equipment cabinet rack or wiring closet, reduce downtime and improve data center power management.



Our product lines include Basic Power, Surge Power, Metered Power, and Value Power in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

XPDU Basic Power provides reliable power distribution from the UPS output for up to 24 receptacles in a rack, substantially reducing the number of plenum cables from input sources to each rack and providing branch circuit protection with a UL1077 circuit breaker.

XPDU Surge Power provides powerful Surge Suppression for up to 10 receptacles in equipment racks and enclosures, and includes 342-Joule Rated surge protection across line, neutral, and ground and UL1077 circuit breaker.

XPDU Metered Power provides an accurate, real-time reading of the aggregate power load (amps) for up to 24 receptacles in data center racks and enclosures. A bright, easy-to-read LED display provides a quick visual indication of electrical load, reducing the risk of tripped breakers and overloading circuits. Metered Power XPDU includes a UL1077 circuit breaker. This XPDU can assist in optimizing power distribution, and, when applicable, accurately bill internal customers for power usage.

XPDU Value Power provides reliable power distribution for up to 12 receptacles in a rack, and includes branch circuit protection for equipment racks and other data center applications. Surge Protection is available on some models.

XPDU Switched Power provides single-phase intelligent, monitored, switched power distribution to be used in power and control of multiple devices. An easy-to-read Meter provides True RMS readings to assure measurement accuracy. An RJ45 port allows for remote On/Off control of the individual output receptacles.

Competitively Priced

The Xtreme (OEM) line is unique in the industry for providing a tiered set of feature rich network grade PDU products at prices never before achieved in the market. The XPDU family of units are all UL60950-1 listed.