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Site acceptance testing and commissioning of new equipment is the tell-all of the design, equipment performance and delivery of the final solution prior to the site being turned over to the end user. This same service is just as important for a new site as it is for an upgrade or replacement of a single piece of equipment.


Benchmarking Performance

From concept, design, installation to final start up of the equipment, it is vital to document the testing and commissioning of the equipment performances. Benchmarking the performance ensures operation in accordance to specifications before final delivery to the end user. In addition, this process uncovers any opportunities to fine tune the system.

System Tolerance

Knowing the system tolerance allows the facility owner or management to better plan and control the growth in inside the Data Center. It also provides a clear understanding of the electrical distribution without affecting any components upstream or downstream to the critical loads.

Future Reference

Once the system has passed and is in operation for some time, the commissioning documentation will always assist the contractor or engineers in effort to troubleshoot or compare performances. It Is the testimony to the blueprint diagram, or known as one-line.

Return on Investment

ePower Network strives to deliver world class services and products while always keeping in mind our clients' needs, budget and ROI. Although commissioning services increase the project budget moderately, it serves as the one and only true test and proof of your investment supporting the Data Center reliability.


  • New or pre-owned equipment start up
  • Load bank testing
  • Monitoring and recording
  • Facility and system simulation manually and automatically
  • Summary and commissioning report documentation