Powerware® 9170+ (3 - 18 kVA)

The Powerware® 9170+ uninterruptible power system, with its scalable, modular and redundant design, offers the highest level of reliability and lowest cost of ownership of any UPS in the 3-18 kVA range. Available in three-, six-, nine-, and twelve-slot configurations, the Powerware® 9170+ is ideal for server farms, networks, telecommunications, Internet service providers and other mission-critical applications.

  • True double-conversion online design delivers the highest level of reliability
  • Offers N+X redundancy for both power and logic modules and battery modules, eliminating any system level single-point-of-failure
  • Easily scalable to adapt to changing IT environments by simply adding power and/or battery modules
  • Advanced Battery Management (ABM®) technology doubles battery service life
  • Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) extend runtime capability
  • Universal components fit in any order without affecting UPS operation
  • Hot-swappable batteries, power modules and charger modules simplify service
  • Power management software bundle provides monitoring and shutdown capabilities
  • 2 yearFactory Swap / 10 year Pro-Rated warranty
ePower Online Single Phase UPS - Powerware 9170 by Eaton